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storscuby never-brush-my-teeth
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Holy fucking god, how is it possible that a human being can be this perfect.
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"Whoops" - Blood on Skin, 2014

This doesn’t look as gross as I should find it
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Burned Out by Urs Fischer (Website)

this is incredibly dope
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still doing shit
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me and you and our dogs all sleeping together on our king sized bed

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We found this in an abandoned parking lot today

this breaks my heart a little
I don’t even care that this has color, it’s going on my blog. Quite touching. 
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fuck I’m at school
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Who’s Alex?
Billboard demonstrating gender stereotypes as most people automatically assume that Alex is the boy.
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4 days ago I look better upside down.
It’s 1am and I can’t sleep but I’m happy
5 days ago"I taught myself the only way to vaguely get along in love
Is to like the other slightly less than you get in return
I keep feeling like I’m being undercut" — Los campesinos! - We are beautiful we are doomed.