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8 hours ago I did a thing with my hair//my phone’s too big for my hand
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Pupil occluder in situ. The pupil occluder is an all black device and functions as a cover over the pupil. Due to the vaulted configuration it can be applied in both phakic and aphakic eyes. The pupil occluder may be removed, if necessary, to restore vision in case blindness occurs in the fellow eye.
1 day ago the anaconda will be so pleased
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I need this record shop near me
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1697 Red Hell
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Mit dir in mir beginne ich den Tod zu ahnen"With you within me I begin to anticipate death"Jenny Holzer
2 days ago that was very vegan of him
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Every one deserves an outfit like this
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One of my absolute favorite Malcolm X quotes

The Malcom X they don’t show you.